Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Lauren....really not to choosy on the clothes program yet...ha.

Ty....throws the best fits. Usually crosses his arms and tells whoever how it is going to be!!

Ty got a drum set....I will have to get a picture of him playing...he has headphones....it is awesome.

Lauren FINALLY got a pillow pet...she has wanted one forever...she loves it!

Coloring Easter Eggs!

We colored Easter Eggs! I decided it is a lot of hype...ha. The kids had fun...maybe next year the will venture outside of just dying them and do some cool things with them!

First T-Ball Game!!!

All ready for the big game!!!

Ty trying to get in on the action!

Number 11

Her Biggest Fan....as long as he gets his popcorn!

Little timid on the batting...but we are working on it.

Love Scooters!!!

These kids love scooters...so on the way back from Boise I saw a random skateboard park and thought it would be a brilliant idea to stop and play for a bit....it was till Ty tried to take off his knee cap...but it was all good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Uncle Matt

happy birthday!
Hoping to open a big box of money....all he got was pens to click yep....the big 40!

such a good sport!

And then there are all the crazy people!

Susan....close your mouth!!!
Apparently even old guys can dance....
posing for a non-crazy photo
this guy obviously likes older men!
no explaination for this!

Visiting Uncle Matt at the Shop!

We usually go visit Uncle Matt at his shop cause there is sure to be some sort of car or hot rod to sit in or see! So we went and bugged him and told him he was older than dirt for his 40th birthday!

Trip to Boise and the Discovery Center

Lauren laying on the bed of nails! Making huge bubbles!
Ty laying on the bed of nails!

Our first stop on our spring break trip to boise was the discovery center! kids had fun running around and it was nice and warm inside! We hoped to go to the zoo, but it was just too cold out!