Sunday, March 18, 2012



Check out these links to see all the relaxation and fun that goes on!

Here are the details for the upcoming weekend:

When: May 11-13 2012 (arrive Friday afternoon and depart 11am Sunday)
Where: Lincoln City - Olivia Beach Community
Who: We have spots for 10 gals  6 gals! bring a friend
What: You will be completely spoiled for 2 days and nights
Cost: $250 for everything!!

Your weekend will include everything you need.  We provide every meal and all the supplies for all the projects!  All you need to do is decide what comfy clothes to bring!

There is even a trip to the outlet malls or casino in the agenda!

$100 deposit holds your spot 

Please email me if you have any questions!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast and Lauren

Last week it was Dr. Suess's birthday and Lauren's school celebrated with a green eggs and ham breakfast!  We enjoyed a super breakfast put on by a local restaurant, Beaches! They also gave away gift certificates for dinner and Lauren was lucky winner of one of the certificates.  She was super nice and took us all out to dinner!

When kids are done with thier meals they get to go to the treasure chest and pick a prize...and they chose these dinosaurs that open and close thier mouths on sticks.  And yes, Tommy is pictured with one, cause he too is a kid!  But they have provided hours of entertainment for our family trying to sneak up on each other and bite them!

Lauren also likes to leave us sweet messages on a board outside her room! 

and finally...Lauren is begging for a puppy and I am all for it, we just can't convince Dad!

I don't know how anyone could resist this....I am a sucker and would have taken him home on the spot! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gold Rush

Friday night we got to attend the season finale of Gold Rush at the Hoffman lodge in Sandy Oregon.  All of the interviews are filmed in this lodge and it is a beautiful place.  Their homes are actually located on the Sandy airport, which is a grass strip just for small planes.  It is a beautiful place.
I didn't know exactly what to expect when we were traveling out there.  I felt a bit awkward just showing up and not really knowing anyone.  I wondered if we should stop and bring some drinks with us or pick up some food.  When we arrived Georgia, Jack's wife, put us to work.  They treated everyone just like old friends and we all chipped in to get things ready.  We set up table, lit candles, set out food and basically just took orders like any good friend.  We arrived a little ahead of the main crowd so we had the opportunity to just chit chat and get to know them.  Tommy of course was right at home with Todd and had several friends in common and much more.  I stuck with Georgia and just helped with anything she needed.  Like most great men, there is a wonderful woman that keeps it all together.  Georgia was an amazing woman.  She takes care of all her grandkids daily, tends to all the house needs and always has things ready for the Gold Rush happenings.  They have a gathering every Friday to watch the series on big screen.  
Me, Georgia and our friend Terry
It was fun sitting on couches and watching the show with everyone.  They would crank the volume and the whole room would go silent and we would watch in awe!  It was fun to watch the guys reactions too because this was also the first time they saw the end result of their filming.  They all harass each other and it is very fun to see.

We had a wonderful night and I have to say that the Hoffman crew are all very gracious and wonderful.  They are just normal people chasing a dream!  My favorite part of the night was Georgia asking Jack to head out to pick up the pizza's to which Jack replied....not yet.  Georgia gave him that look and NEED to go get the pizza's NOW!!!!!   And he did!!!!  Loved it.   

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The sunshine has been out and smiling for 2 whole days.  Our whole neighborhood has been out.  Its like we really do hibernate in the winter, or rainy season...whichever ends first.  I still have a very hard time with the rain.  I don't like anything about it.  Yeah, its really neat when it rains like once a month, but we go for months that it rains every single day!  So when it is sunny....I want to clean things out, do yard work, wash cars, ride bike and just be outside.  So here is what I started because Spring has to be on its way since the sun has been out for 2 whole days....THE BIG GARAGE CLEAN OUT!


I posted 5 things to Craigslist tonight....more to come.  I love a clean start and can't wait to have this done.  I promise to show "after" pictures!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pushing The Limits....

Sometimes you just know you shouldn't do something, but you do it anyway.  Today after work I was supposed to meet Tommy at the bank at 4pm.  This meant to me that I would leave work at 3pm, get to Walmart at 3:30pm and leave to the bank in plenty of time.......ohhhhh how I was wrong!


  • Browsing through the fabric sections they have tons of material on sale....I must get!
  • I pick out a few fabrics (20) I think would be awesome for something....
  • No luck thinking that someone would show up in the 10 minutes I was looking at fabric to actually cut it for me.
  • I ring the bicycle bell that  is zip tied to a pole that says "ring me for help" no luck
  • I go across the store to have someone paged to report for duty.....still no luck
  • I begin to cut my own fabric and get a few laughs from fellow fabric hoarders
  • They want me to cut theirs too!
  • I am now a WalMart employee 
  • Finally some guy from electronics shows up and insists on cutting the rest of the fabric
  • He continually sings "Jesus loves me this I know" over and over...I was going to join in a round
  • I have to leave because I am starting to freak out!
I now have 5 minutes to get to the bank....I text Tommy that I am on my way!  I wanted to be anyway!

  • I find an aisle of 50% off all rugs...and ours are totally gross from the rain.  
  • I grab 2 and I am back to the fabric section.....still singing "Jesus loves me"
  • He is only 3 cuts away from being done
  • The WalMart God announces that all clearance items are an additional 50% off!!!!!
I am now 5 minutes late to the bank....I swear there was traffic!

  • Everything on sale is essentially.....on sale!
  • This means all the fabric i just bought is on sale even more.....I should get more! 
I am now 10 minutes late....and I get a not so nice text asking where I might be????

  • I remember I was going to grab 2 things for I go all the way to the other side of store!
  • I come back and finally the fabric is done.....there are tons of remnants I know I should have...
I am now 15 minutes late and in line at the secret register in the automotive dept.

  • Wouldn't you know it.....the slowest people in the world are in front of me and they want to know the price of every single item before they commit to buying....AHHHHHHH
  • I am looking really annoyed and the checker is making eye contact that she is annoyed too.
  • I finally make it to the register....and of course all the items have to be put in by hand...she is so frustrated she just puts in whatever my advantage and calls it good....I knew I should have got more!!!!
I am now 25 minutes late and I get the text.....WHERE ARE which I the light, but I didn't specify what light!!!!!  I am sneaky like that!

I arrive, I think Tommy has the show Hoarders lined up to come to our house, and we go into the bank....and we find out we are at the wrong branch!!!!!  I totally could have have shopped for more!!!

It is so stressful pushing these limits getting the good deals!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A-B-C Weekend!

Traci, myself and 5 fabulous women headed to the beach this weekend for an awesome time!  Traci and I arrived in Lincoln City on Thursday night to get things all set up.  We did of course stop for a chocolate turn over from Arby's on the way there...the cheapest most delicious dessert you will ever try, so Traci says...I stick to curly fries.  Upon arrival we were in awe!  It was going to be a perfect weekend.  

We unloaded the car that was packed to the gills!  There was not room for much more, although we did consider strapping things to the roof!  We got everything set up within a few hours and Traci started cooking away for the weekend.  There was a beautiful kitchen and let me tell you there were lots of wonderful things turned out in there this past weekend.

Our fab 5 girls arrived Friday evening and we greeted them with a beverage of choice and a wonderful dinner.
Ashely was extremely excited about the evenings meal!

After dinner it was time to craft our hearts out!  First up we made aprons.  Every single one has such personality and is so unique.  The best part of making them was the ruffle foot on the sewing machine.  This is by far the most amazing thing in all sewing history.  Everyone was scared at first, and then they were ruffling everything.....our new motto is now....  EVERYDAY I'M RUFFLIN!"

Sheri, Kim and Debbie!
Saturday morning everyone slept in a bit and we woke up to wonderful cinnamon rolls, potato casserole and coffee!  And after a day filled with crafting, shopping, gambling and laughing.....we indulged in these mammoth sized steaks....compliments of Gem Meat Packing!!!!
and yes we really ate the ALL!!!!!
Our crafts we made included:
Magnetic hanging picture boards....

Canvas bags....

Lamp Shade....

and Pillows....

There were other little things made cozy, bunting, bag, was endless!

And the Fab 5 after their A-B-C Weekend!!!!




It was a fabulous weekend.....and we hope to have more to come soon!!!!!