Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gold Rush

Friday night we got to attend the season finale of Gold Rush at the Hoffman lodge in Sandy Oregon.  All of the interviews are filmed in this lodge and it is a beautiful place.  Their homes are actually located on the Sandy airport, which is a grass strip just for small planes.  It is a beautiful place.
I didn't know exactly what to expect when we were traveling out there.  I felt a bit awkward just showing up and not really knowing anyone.  I wondered if we should stop and bring some drinks with us or pick up some food.  When we arrived Georgia, Jack's wife, put us to work.  They treated everyone just like old friends and we all chipped in to get things ready.  We set up table, lit candles, set out food and basically just took orders like any good friend.  We arrived a little ahead of the main crowd so we had the opportunity to just chit chat and get to know them.  Tommy of course was right at home with Todd and had several friends in common and much more.  I stuck with Georgia and just helped with anything she needed.  Like most great men, there is a wonderful woman that keeps it all together.  Georgia was an amazing woman.  She takes care of all her grandkids daily, tends to all the house needs and always has things ready for the Gold Rush happenings.  They have a gathering every Friday to watch the series on big screen.  
Me, Georgia and our friend Terry
It was fun sitting on couches and watching the show with everyone.  They would crank the volume and the whole room would go silent and we would watch in awe!  It was fun to watch the guys reactions too because this was also the first time they saw the end result of their filming.  They all harass each other and it is very fun to see.

We had a wonderful night and I have to say that the Hoffman crew are all very gracious and wonderful.  They are just normal people chasing a dream!  My favorite part of the night was Georgia asking Jack to head out to pick up the pizza's to which Jack replied....not yet.  Georgia gave him that look and NEED to go get the pizza's NOW!!!!!   And he did!!!!  Loved it.   

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The Compton Clan said...

This is so great! Tyler and I watch this show all the time and LOVE it!!! You are so lucky!