Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pushing The Limits....

Sometimes you just know you shouldn't do something, but you do it anyway.  Today after work I was supposed to meet Tommy at the bank at 4pm.  This meant to me that I would leave work at 3pm, get to Walmart at 3:30pm and leave to the bank in plenty of time.......ohhhhh how I was wrong!


  • Browsing through the fabric sections they have tons of material on sale....I must get!
  • I pick out a few fabrics (20) I think would be awesome for something....
  • No luck thinking that someone would show up in the 10 minutes I was looking at fabric to actually cut it for me.
  • I ring the bicycle bell that  is zip tied to a pole that says "ring me for help" no luck
  • I go across the store to have someone paged to report for duty.....still no luck
  • I begin to cut my own fabric and get a few laughs from fellow fabric hoarders
  • They want me to cut theirs too!
  • I am now a WalMart employee 
  • Finally some guy from electronics shows up and insists on cutting the rest of the fabric
  • He continually sings "Jesus loves me this I know" over and over...I was going to join in a round
  • I have to leave because I am starting to freak out!
I now have 5 minutes to get to the bank....I text Tommy that I am on my way!  I wanted to be anyway!

  • I find an aisle of 50% off all rugs...and ours are totally gross from the rain.  
  • I grab 2 and I am back to the fabric section.....still singing "Jesus loves me"
  • He is only 3 cuts away from being done
  • The WalMart God announces that all clearance items are an additional 50% off!!!!!
I am now 5 minutes late to the bank....I swear there was traffic!

  • Everything on sale is essentially.....on sale!
  • This means all the fabric i just bought is on sale even more.....I should get more! 
I am now 10 minutes late....and I get a not so nice text asking where I might be????

  • I remember I was going to grab 2 things for dinner...so I go all the way to the other side of store!
  • I come back and finally the fabric is done.....there are tons of remnants I know I should have...
I am now 15 minutes late and in line at the secret register in the automotive dept.

  • Wouldn't you know it.....the slowest people in the world are in front of me and they want to know the price of every single item before they commit to buying....AHHHHHHH
  • I am looking really annoyed and the checker is making eye contact that she is annoyed too.
  • I finally make it to the register....and of course all the items have to be put in by hand...she is so frustrated she just puts in whatever price....to my advantage and calls it good....I knew I should have got more!!!!
I am now 25 minutes late and I get the text.....WHERE ARE YOU....to which I reply...at the light, but I didn't specify what light!!!!!  I am sneaky like that!

I arrive, I think Tommy has the show Hoarders lined up to come to our house, and we go into the bank....and we find out we are at the wrong branch!!!!!  I totally could have have shopped for more!!!

It is so stressful pushing these limits getting the good deals!!!!

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This is awesome!!!