Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well today was back to reality!  I had to emerge from my "craft coma" and head back to work and taking care of kids.  Ty had his second karate lesson tonight!  I was such a proud mama!  He had memorized his phrase..." I will develop myself in a positive manner"  and he broke the board on his first kick earning his white belt!

                                                  And then......this proud mama found this....
Coloring on the wall....I am not sure what this drawing is of although it does look obscene.  And with a sharpie no less.  This has never happened before!  I was so beside myself.  So Ty had to go straight to bed.  He has been screaming now for 30 minutes.....wishing i could slip back into that craft coma!  And now I must go help one certain little girl with some spelling! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Antique Shops!!!

Saturday afternoon it was off to the antique shops we went.  There is a small problem when buying antiques out of town....getting them home.  But I knew there was one thing I was looking for....some chenille bed spreads.  Meg had the cutest curtains hanging in one of her girls rooms and I have been thinking about updating laurens room and thought this would be perfect.  I did indeed find a bedspread...huge.  And it just so happens that Kimberly's husband will be in Portland Wednesday and will bring it for me!!!!  But here are a few of the pics from the day out! 
The 15 passenger van we rode in was a bit crazy on the way there.  The wind was bad and we were in the back so it was kinda like a carnival ride....Traci hung on the whole ride!

Bearly Makin-It was our first stop.  The hired in some local help cause they heard we were all coming!

Just a tiny corner of the store
I wanted them all...I think my mom has them all somewhere????

Traci was pushing people out of the way to get to things....I was embarrassed and had to leave!!!

 And then we went to another place that was a huge old building that had random big stuff in it.  There was so much potential in that shop.....but I would never have enough time for those sort of things...It was cool though.  I really really wanted this sign for our shop.....fitting!!!!

And here are the curtains I hope to be making very soon!  Really cute!

Craft Weekend!!!!

Craft Weekend Was AMAZING!  In so many different ways too!  But first I have to say that one thing I came away with was really wanting to learn how to blog better and be able to add pics in fun ways and all that good stuff.  Well after at least an hours of uploading photos and just trying to get onto my blog I have realized there is a huge "want" in my life right now!  I WANT A MAC!  (I hope Tommy is reading this!)  My computer is the worst.  But enough of that....I want to give a run down on craft weekend and just how wonderful it was!
 This is Meg!  We (12 crafting gals) invaded Meg's home for the weekend.  I found Meg on her blog several years ago when she was writing about a friends journey through losing a beautiful daughter.  I have read ever since and she is so inspiring and NORMAL!  I was nervous for the weekend to be honest.  I am not girlie, kinda shy when I am amongst people I don"t know, and it really was a journey into the unknown.  When we arrived it was like meeting a movie star or something.  But she was so wonderful that after a few hours of talking and getting to know everyone she made everyone feel like she was one of us and we were just old friends.  She is still a celebrity in my mind, but she was so normal..ha.  She was nothing like I envisioned either.  I was thinking super high energy, talk super fast and just crazy.  NOPE!  She was so calm and sweet and kinda just WHATEVER!  Just like her blog.  She was even better than I ever imagined!

Her house was amazing.  HUGE!  It was built in 1908 and she has done a wonderful job remodeling and decorating.  Its all just beautiful.  The above picture was our crafting room.  We had everything you could imagine at our fingertips.  We made an apron, a canvas, some bags (well I made 2 :) and bunting.  I learned to sew a bit more and just to be creative and think out of the box. 
This was our room we stayed in!  Really cute!  Her daughter Talby's room!  Beds were really comfy and warm and we stayed awake way into the morning laughing and being dumb!

Meg's Friends and helpers.  They are just as famous as Meg and incredible women!  They were all awesome!

Getting ready for our photo shoot!  Just a few of the girls.  They were all so fun and there were so many different backgrounds...it was great!

PEANUT BUTTER CAKE....enough said!
So for now....I should "publish" this post before my computer locks up or something.  I need to take down my Christmas Village that may turn into a Valentine Village Soon.  I need to get unpacked, go grocery shopping, pay bills, clean and most importantly start on all the things I wanted to make after seeing Megs house!  But there is so much to tell from the weekend that I am sure there will be another post later.

And if you could do me a favor and become one of my followers.....that would be super.  I strive to be like "cupofkim" and I only have 2 followers.  She has 100!!!!  I gotta get there.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap!

This weekend was super busy!  Saturday Lauren had her friend over and we had a crafting day and the girls made crayon canvas's with their names on them!  It was something I had been wanting to do and it all just worked out...we had lots of fun!

Of course i can not get the pictures to go straight even though they are saved that way!  My BIL's girlfriend gave me a whole bag of left over vinyl scraps and I cut tons of things out on my cricut this weekend...that was fun!  That is what I used for the girl's names. 

Then Saturday night we had a great dinner and movie night with our neighbors Kim and Scott, and then Adam and Amanda.  We saw the movie The Girl With the Dragonfly Tatoo.  I even read the book and I dont think I was prepared for the movie.  Lots of graphic scenes.  It was good though.  Then Sunday was grocery shopping in the rain, I could just live with out rain for several years....really.  Then we took the kids to the Jim Parsley Center....what a blast.  They have a super fast slide and just a great pool.  2 hours there and everyone came home and fell fast asleep...me included.
Ty didnt even make it home from swimming before he fell asleep!

And we got to all go to breakfast Saturday morning....I just laughed at Ty looking so grown up with the menu.  He was telling us what was on it too.  Lots of cereal, yogurt, pudding and chicken.  Funny!!!

Crazy Dinners!

Last week we were kinda out of sorts with Ty being sick and trying to just lay low with him and needless to say i didn't have any grand plans for dinner.  So one night it was guacamole and UNO for dinner, and another night it was Mickey pancakes!

Ty always wins at UNO....even though his cards are laid out on the table for all of us to see, he somehow pulls it off....and he is not to shy about letting us know that he is number 1.

Catch Up!

I told you I was not very good at this blog thing...I have had 2 new posts that I got all ready to publish...and poof I somehow lost them and they never go published...and I was not going to spend another hour re-doing them.  So here is a run down of the last few weeks.  Ty was really sick and not himself for about 4 days.  He had a fever and then what appeared to be blisters all over his mouth and inside his mouth.  He was really miserable.  After 3 days of doing nothing he wanted to go do something so we went to ride the carousel and have some ice cream.  He fell asleep on the way there and then on the way home...he was just wiped out. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cards and Cars!!!

The cards from the great shop take over!  It actually worked out really well!  We even make it smell all pretty in the shop! 
No one seemed to mind that there were race cars and car parts surrounding them!
Hard at Work
Laurie giving directions....if you see in the back too there is a ping pong table for break time!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Brrrrrrr!!!! I hope it snows!!!!

 It has been really cold out lately and there is a chance of snow this weekend....I hope it just dumps!  It is so funny here if there is even mention of snow.  People start planning that they cant come to work, the hospital sends out memos to everyone about coverage and having to stay at work for multiple days, sleeping area's are set up for staff......WOW!   I volunteer to be a driver in the "treacherous" conditions for both patients and staff....come on its fun to slide around the corners!!!
 You cant really tell but all the ornaments on the tree out front are icy....and they are all super heavy cause they have filled up with water and that has now froze!  So i cant put them away like that!  I might have to leave them up till summer....
And on icy mornings I have taught Lauren how to start the truck and turn on the defrost while I make breakfast!  Don't worry, she is the biggest rule follower I have ever known and she won't try to drive away... 
And also my favorite thing on Friday's is taking Lauren to school.  I don't get to do it often enough and it is so nice.  I love her so much....she is so responsible and such a good kid.  Breaks my heart when she gets out of the truck and walks to class cause she is just so grown up.  I never have to remind her about taking homework, lunch money or things like that....she always reminds me.  And this morning....she made her own lunch!  She is super!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Grandma Karen sent a package to us!

Ty got new footie PJ's....he would live in them if we let him.  And he got a real metal sheriff's badge.  These are to accompany his handcuffs and rubber band gun.  I am not so sure all of this is a good idea.  He is not good at being the boss...I tend to act just like him when he tries to tell me what to do....I don't listen!

 And I got my first ever racing helmet!  The kids always tease me cause the Smurfs were my favorite growing up.  I have one big stuffed smurf and Ty steals it all the time and tries to beat it up.  So we had a real good laugh with the helmet.  And we laughed even harder when I put the helmet on....and it still fit!  AWESOME!


 Here it is...Christmas.  The kids had a great time and we stayed home for 3 days straight and just played and hung out.  Christmas is weird here for me.  It is so small and quiet.  I don't like it and I can't pretend I do.  So that is that!

 Ty got his slot car track...the only thing he wanted for Christmas.....
And Lauren got her American Girl doll and some clothes to go with it.  She is actually still playing with it.  I am sorta surprised!

Visiting Santa and Making Gingerbread Houses

 First year either of the kids have really been excited to see Santa.  Lauren still isn't quite sure of him.  I don't blame her.  I still run when I see anyone dressed up like some Holiday Character...creepy!
 We had a great afternoon building gingerbread houses with all the first graders.