Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap!

This weekend was super busy!  Saturday Lauren had her friend over and we had a crafting day and the girls made crayon canvas's with their names on them!  It was something I had been wanting to do and it all just worked out...we had lots of fun!

Of course i can not get the pictures to go straight even though they are saved that way!  My BIL's girlfriend gave me a whole bag of left over vinyl scraps and I cut tons of things out on my cricut this weekend...that was fun!  That is what I used for the girl's names. 

Then Saturday night we had a great dinner and movie night with our neighbors Kim and Scott, and then Adam and Amanda.  We saw the movie The Girl With the Dragonfly Tatoo.  I even read the book and I dont think I was prepared for the movie.  Lots of graphic scenes.  It was good though.  Then Sunday was grocery shopping in the rain, I could just live with out rain for several years....really.  Then we took the kids to the Jim Parsley Center....what a blast.  They have a super fast slide and just a great pool.  2 hours there and everyone came home and fell fast included.
Ty didnt even make it home from swimming before he fell asleep!

And we got to all go to breakfast Saturday morning....I just laughed at Ty looking so grown up with the menu.  He was telling us what was on it too.  Lots of cereal, yogurt, pudding and chicken.  Funny!!!

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