Sunday, January 8, 2012

Polar Express!!!!

This is how we started out the day at the Polar Express!!!!  Super Happy!!!  I was wondering if maybe they would be serving Irish Creme in my Hot Cocoa.....Holy Smokes!

But we re-grouped and off we went.  It was the perfect day for a train ride.  It was clear and sunny out so we really go to enjoy the fabulous scenery!

The kids really did have a great time and the experience was great!  It was just the right length of ride for them not to get bored and the staff played and danced with the kids and made it so much fun!
 The only time Ty got really tense was when one of the elves came around and told the kids to have 2 things in mind to tell Santa that they really wanted.  Lauren did great, first year she has ever even looked at Santa let along sit on his lap....  Ty was stressed out because ALL HE WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS WAS A SLOT CAR TRACK AND NOTHING ELSE....perfect.  ha.

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