Monday, January 9, 2012

Grandma Karen sent a package to us!

Ty got new footie PJ's....he would live in them if we let him.  And he got a real metal sheriff's badge.  These are to accompany his handcuffs and rubber band gun.  I am not so sure all of this is a good idea.  He is not good at being the boss...I tend to act just like him when he tries to tell me what to do....I don't listen!

 And I got my first ever racing helmet!  The kids always tease me cause the Smurfs were my favorite growing up.  I have one big stuffed smurf and Ty steals it all the time and tries to beat it up.  So we had a real good laugh with the helmet.  And we laughed even harder when I put the helmet on....and it still fit!  AWESOME!

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