Monday, March 5, 2012

A-B-C Weekend!

Traci, myself and 5 fabulous women headed to the beach this weekend for an awesome time!  Traci and I arrived in Lincoln City on Thursday night to get things all set up.  We did of course stop for a chocolate turn over from Arby's on the way there...the cheapest most delicious dessert you will ever try, so Traci says...I stick to curly fries.  Upon arrival we were in awe!  It was going to be a perfect weekend.  

We unloaded the car that was packed to the gills!  There was not room for much more, although we did consider strapping things to the roof!  We got everything set up within a few hours and Traci started cooking away for the weekend.  There was a beautiful kitchen and let me tell you there were lots of wonderful things turned out in there this past weekend.

Our fab 5 girls arrived Friday evening and we greeted them with a beverage of choice and a wonderful dinner.
Ashely was extremely excited about the evenings meal!

After dinner it was time to craft our hearts out!  First up we made aprons.  Every single one has such personality and is so unique.  The best part of making them was the ruffle foot on the sewing machine.  This is by far the most amazing thing in all sewing history.  Everyone was scared at first, and then they were ruffling everything.....our new motto is now....  EVERYDAY I'M RUFFLIN!"

Sheri, Kim and Debbie!
Saturday morning everyone slept in a bit and we woke up to wonderful cinnamon rolls, potato casserole and coffee!  And after a day filled with crafting, shopping, gambling and laughing.....we indulged in these mammoth sized steaks....compliments of Gem Meat Packing!!!!
and yes we really ate the ALL!!!!!
Our crafts we made included:
Magnetic hanging picture boards....

Canvas bags....

Lamp Shade....

and Pillows....

There were other little things made cozy, bunting, bag, was endless!

And the Fab 5 after their A-B-C Weekend!!!!




It was a fabulous weekend.....and we hope to have more to come soon!!!!!

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