Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arts-Beaches-Crafts WEEKEND

 In two days....a wonderful group a gals will be here!  We will be crafting, relaxing, indulging and just plain getting spoiled!

This idea of spending some great time with other fabulous women, crafting, bonding and just relaxing has been a dream of mine for a long time.  With the attempt of this locally at The House in Salmon Creek, and then a major road going through shortly after, that dream was put on hold.  While the dream has still always been floating around in my mind, now was just not the time.

And then I was invited to attend Craft Weekend and all my dreams came to life again.  So after attending this weekend in Kansas with my adventurous friend Traci, who willing went with me and never once told me I was completely crazy, we couldn't wait to share this awesome idea with our local friends and family!  On our way home from Kansas we were talking about the possibilities and fun we could have!  So it was decided we would try this concept out and since we live so close to the coast with amazing beach homes,  this is where we would host our first Arts, Beaches, Crafts Weekend.

So after weeks of planning and with some convincing of our friends to leave their families for just a tiny amount of time to join us.....we are just about ready to leave and embark on a fabulous weekend!  So stay tuned for lots of updates and pictures from the weekend! 

Wonderful porch to enjoy some coffee wrapped in a blanket!

space soon to be transformed into craft central!

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{cuppakim} said...

this is amazing. so much effort you must put into this! i'm dying to hear how it all went! :) love that you are heading this up. your friends are gonna love it! :)