Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weekend of Sleepovers!!!!

This weekend we had 2 friends stay the night!  One Friday night and one Saturday night!  It is always a big event when someone stays the night and there is usually fort building involved.  And while it is fun, it is a pain to clean up.  So I got the big blow up queen mattress out and the party was on!  Day and night all the kids loved laying on it to play or watch movies.  Ty I think was the biggest fan.  He stayed in his sleeping bag, with his one eared dog pillow, most of the weekend.  And I even got ropped into letting him sleep on it last night!  While Lauren went and spent some girl time with our neighbor, babysitter, psuedo grandma, closest thing we have to a maid and friend...Marilyn.  Our kids just cant get enough of her!
Lauren and Colby....Ty slept at the foot of the bed!  Even though Ty is the youngest they all seem to get along and Lauren is nice enough to include him in most activities.

Lauren and Ava!  They look like devils but they were sweeties.  Watched movies and had "homemade" popcorn...which is always Ty's request at sleepovers.

And then Ty helped make everyone Mickey pancakes.  He does love to cook.  He attempted to make his own corn dog this everything done on his own...just needed to know what buttons to push on the microwave!!!

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