Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Devil Inside!

Yes it is a song most of us know.  But sometimes I think there could be a little devil inside me.  And possibly the reason Ty is a devil too.  So remember said parking ticket I obtained about a week ago?  Well yesterday I returned to the scene of the crime, chose my parking spot wisely and paid the meter.  Then while walking to and from Lauren's dance class I pushed the little button that gives you a free 20 minutes on every single meter that had under 10 minutes so no else would get a ticket!  Yes I did that before and after class.  Lauren thinks I am wierd.  But she did remind me to back in the parking spot...

Speaking of devils....Ty finally got a hair cut!  Man his hair was long!

And a picture of the two little devils.  Even Ty takes care of the American Girl Doll and makes sure she is buckled in.  He also likes to strap her to his semi and tow her around!!!!

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