Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Craftiness!

I found this crate thingy at a garage sale a year ago or so and just knew i could do something with it.  It was only $2!  I couldn't go wrong!  I saw this idea on Pinterest (the waste of all my spare time) and just new I had to do it!

So on Superbowl Sunday, I ran to Freddy's to grab some food for the game and a few supplies.  One can of spary paint and a few little eye screws....and that was it.  I will say the wood was so dry that the paint just kept soaking in, so it is an antiqued look right???  It has turned out that the shelf is perfect in my bathroom for all the jewelry that I never put back in my jewelry box.

While making this I decided it would be faster to drill some holes before I screwed in the little hanger screws.  I did this of course on the kitchen which Tommy would kill me if I brought tools in here and worked on car parts on the kitchen table.... True I suppose, but I thought it was different!!!

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