Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ty is 7 months and our new counter tops!!!

We had a very buys weekend. Our counter tops were being done and I thought it would be fun to have a card class right in the middle of it. Well....we had the card class in the garage which turned out great. I still need to do some cleaning but it worked okay for last minute and I had some new people join us and it was just a blast. Ty turned 7 months and is happier than ever. But he doesn't like to hold his bottle....he likes me to hold his bottle while he rubs his eyes or scratches his I am trying to teach him to hold his bottle. And Lauren got to ride the carousel and of course would not cooperate to take any pictures....oh well. and finally our counter tops are near done and tomorrow we should have plumbing and full use of the kitchen. It is so hard not to have water in your kitchen....and I still go to the sink and try to turn it on.


Kimberly said...

Pretty new counters!! They look really good! Maleigha just started holding her own bottle a few weeks is so nice! :c)

melissa said...

Nice counter tops!! Looks like Lauren really loves her little bro.. how precious!