Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 Interesting things about me

So I have not posted in a while cause my camera is on the in blog world where there are these people that post all the time they write neat things about themselves or family or thoughts...not me so much but I was "tagged" (another fun blogging game) to write 6 interesting facts about myself that you might not here goes....
1. I dont like the volume loud on the TV or radio...I really think I have sensitive ears.
2. I hate laundry...wait till there is no room left in the basket to finally fold the clothes.
3. I am deathly scared of bats....they are just creepy
4. favorite food is still mac and cheese....but it has to be a little soupy..add extra milk
5. cant wait to get the mail everyday...just in case there could be money instead of bills in there.
6. if I sit down on the couch no matter what time it is to watch tv....I will for sure fall asleep.

So there you go....I am suppose to tag 3 other people....but I dont know three other people that have blogs. so if you read this and you dont have a should make one. if i can, u can

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