Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 People!

Okay so 4 people read this blog! SO I should have some sort of contest and see if I have any other "spy's" out there. Hmmmm all the possibilities. I could let you pick something off my Etsy website...or send you a plane ticket to come see me....i will get back to you!

So I have no pics to add right now but I will give a life update: This weekend is the big visit to the pumpkin patch. It is an all day ordeal with some great friends. First we will meet for donuts, then head to the pumpkin patch. Then stop for some lunch and then it is off to carve pumpkins and make seeds and cookies.

We have lots of home improvement projects going on. We finally got our shelving in in our living room. Have a few things to finish on those and then we can put all our "crap" on them and make them pretty.

And for me....lots and lots of crafting going on for all the bazaars coming up. I am going to do a few more this year and see how it goes. Maybe I can make a dent in all the money I have spent on this "stampin" hobby of mine. i swear


Molly said...

I read the blog!!! I have always wanted to come over to Portland and go to the pumpkin patch at the Little People Big World farm!!! Ha ha!

psipops said...

I read your blog every week. psipops

psipops said...

so does psimommy when psipops finally vacated the computer chair