Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This One is for my Grandma Lucy!!!

so...did you know that you can not find finger steaks ANYWHERE in Washington or Oregon. In fact I think you can only find them in Idaho. If you ever mention finger steaks, people look at you oddly and ask what they are? So I decided to make my own last night. This is not for the "heart healthy" but it sure was good. So there was some pressure to make these really good since I have bragged about how good they are and that my Grandma Lucy would make them all the time for me, with home made french fries. I tried to remember what she put in her fingersteak batter, but seems she just threw different things in, never measured. So not wanting to fail...I googled finger steaks and low and behold....this is the first thing that pops up! See I told you they only made them in Idaho.... I didnt follow the recipe, I just wanted to see the basic ingredients. The recipe said to refrigerate and freeze....who has time for that!
So we cut up the meat and mixed it all up in the secret batter...note: the meat we used was tenderloin and we got it at some rediculous cheap price....the best meat for making finger steaks i have decided.
I made a few home made fries to go along with the finger steakes....and notice the "special sauce" in the back...have to have that too.
And the finished product...SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! I have to say...they were the BEST I have ever had. I think it was the meat, cause it was so tender. I forgot to add a picture of them frying...we used the big FRY it for our wedding...first time we have ever used it...came in handy though!
So not a meal you want to consume all the time....but it was a fun night of preparing and cooking something different. Took me back to my days spent at my Grandma's house...we would do yard work and such all day and then she would make a big batch of fingersteaks and fries...

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