Monday, January 17, 2011

T-ball is an indoor sport---if you live in Vancouver

So you know that i have a strong dislike for laundry...well i have a strong dislike for rain to. Everyone says you will get used to it and you just learn to do things in the rain....not this kid! I dont see any part of it that could be fun. So since we are one like 3 months straight rain....we moved sports in doors. I said go for it. Maybe i could get some new furniture. The kids are going crazy, the cat is spinning circles and i started licking the window.... SO we played t-ball inside. Yes we all did. And it went pretty well, nothing got broke...and if you look at the last picture you will notice the ball is coming right at my camera....nice hit huh! Hit me right in the head....oh and everyone thought that was soooo funny!


The Compton Clan said...

It is sooooo funny! Rain and laundry are th epits! Too bad laundry doesn't go away in the summer!

Kimberly said...

You are brave!